A little about me:

I am a stay at home mom of 3 gorgeous children. My daughter is 19 and my middle guy is 11 and my little dude is 4. They are my world, my priority, my joy. I have been married to my best friend for 21 years. We home school. In my spare time I like to study many topics, including the Bible, medicine, and natural living. I also like to spend as much time with my husband and kiddos as possible. It is never enough for me.

Photography as a hobby:

When I was 13, my parents gave me this camera as a gift.

My sweet husband bought me my first SLR as an anniversary gift. Thus began my passion for photography. Now every year I upgrade to a new camera. I absolutely have fallen in love with taking pictures and growing and learning with my photography. Everyone has that thing at the end of the day that helps them relax. For me it is working on my photos.  I love trying new edits and techniques and try to keep open to new ideas. I also have a love for film and what we photographers call SOOC. These are photos that have not been edited in anyway. I believe that you can be a good photographer by taking a photo and then editing it into something amazing, but a great photographer takes an amazing photo that needs no editing. I am equally as proud of my ability to take an amazing SOOC shot as I am my ability to make something amazing with post processing. In my opinion, the most important part of being a great photographer, is being willing to grow and change in your knowledge and skills without changing your personal style. Every photographer should be unique.

Photography as a career:

In January 2011, I finally decided (with much prodding from friends) to share this hobby with others, and I made it my "Jobby". I enjoy getting to know my clients. I like to know your style, and try to make every shoot as unique as you are. I don't think that your memories should be subject to my personal taste in photography, thus I try to adjust to your style. I strive to be very flexible. I want your memories to be something you will always cherish. If you have a request or a question or even a suggestion, please by all means throw it out there! Don't be afraid. I can't make your photos the way you like them, if I don't know what you like. It's all about YOU!! I have had some requests that I can honestly say have challenged what I thought I was capable of both physically and emotionally as a photographer. I have not regretted taking on those challenges. Knowing that I was able to give those families a solid memory of something that will forever change their lives, makes it worth it. My biggest goal is not that you are satisfied with your photos, it is that you are thrilled with them. If you can look at your photos and get butterflies and goosebumps...then my job is done.